What is the url for a custom post type archive? This is what it says online, but it seems that for my site, the following is correct:

how do i make a shortcode?

Through the wordpress API. It is useful to give a way to embed specialized content inside default posts or pages. If you will make a whole new page for that particular type of content, then you don’t need a shortcode.

What galleryplugin is best for me?

Features I am looking for:1. Ability to add/create galleries from the create new post page on the admin panel1. Album feature2. Master album feature (automatically add all created galleries to the master album)3. Display gallery creation dates in the master album4. Individual images are opened on the same page when clicked on (not a different page) (lightbox)5. Arrow navigations between individual images6. Looks good on a mobile display7. If any of the above are not availabe, then I need to code it myself, so I am looking for a gallery that is extensible (has hooks) that are well-documented.8. Does it use the built-in wp gallery? (if so, then I can use built-in wp hooks)Candidates: 1. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.built-in wordpress gallery O X X X o o O O OPhoto Gallery by WD X O X X O O O O ONext-gen gallery O O X X O O O X Xenvira X X X X O O OO O Xbuilt-in wordpress gallery has lightbox if u use the lightbox 2 plugin by Syed Balkhi. But the display is too big for both mobile and desktop. This may be fixable through CSS.I think it may be easiest to implement my own album plugin for the envira galleries, or next-gen.

what is a lightbox?

It is the stylee of displaying images in a gallery by dimming the background and showing the image in a large size in the foreground with navigation and a “close” button.

What is hentry?

It is a microformat: think the wordpress theme needs to be compliant with this format for the google search console entries to go away.This shoud fix the missing:updated error and missing:author errors. Just add the classes as shown in this wiki into the html for your posts/archives/pages.Then test with the google structured data test tool:

how to fix missing:updated error?

Make the proper hentry microformat. See below.

Is there a bootstrap class for making display:hidden?

No. There are classes for changing display to block or inline, but not to none. There are classses for changing visibility to hidden, but the element will still be there in the layout.

What is AMP?

What is a rich card?

It is a way for website owners to specify how their search results should be displayed on the google search page. It was launched in 2016. So instead of just text, you can display images and text, and even lay them out in rows or however you want. It is the evolution of “rich snippets”. This feature was created mainly for users of mobile displays. It provides website ownsers an opportunity to customize their site display and be able to stand out/attract more viewers to their site.There are many categories:

What is a microformat?

Microformats use normal html elements and attributes to convey metadata about something.Examples are the hCard microformat for sharing metadata about authors, hAtom for RSS feeds, and hCalendar for calendar events, hReview, and hProduct .

What is hcard?

It is a “microformat” style for publishing contact information about authors. hcard is a format based on the vcard format, which is a format for exchanging contact information about authors. hcard is an implementation for embedding vcard information in html.

Why does my page have the “missing author error” on google search console?

Your html page needs to have the following html in it:Modify your theme so that it creates this html.

Are there wordpress plugins for caching?

Yes. Caching plugins will save static html versions of your website instead of having wordpress rerun all the php scripts everytime sometime requests a page in your site.Popular plugins include WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, and WP Rocket.

What is robots.txt?

It is a file that site owners create to tell “robots” (Search engine web crawlers) how to index their site. It is part of the robots exclusion protocol (REP). It basically consists of a list of rules for different web crawlers telling them which parts of the site to avoid indexing:User-agent: [user-agent name]Disallow: [URL string not to be crawled]I think I don’t need to make one unless I want to prevent search engines from indexing certain parts of my site.

Are there plugins that automatically make English slugs for Japanese post titles?

Can I use multiple permalink formats for a wordpress site?

Not exactly. If you change the permalink structure, links that other people have saved to your post will be broken.However, you can use Yoasts redirect script or the “Redirection” plugin to do 301 redirect, which will avoid the problem of broken links.

Why are my permalinks in the xml sitemap for wordpress posts with Japanese titles wrong?

WordPressのサイトマップ内のパーマリンク日本語が文字化けThis cannnot be avoided. It is because of how the browser displaus URLs with multi-byte characters.A workaround is to set “slugs” for your category names and post titles, then the permalink will use those slugs instead of the actual Japanese-language titles.

Why does yoast sitemap_index.xml show 404 page?

Try these two things:1. Add code to .htaccess for apache servers (you can do this through yoast SEO plugin tag -> advanced settings) On the permalinks tag, click “save” without actually changing anything.

How to create an xml sitemap with yoast?

Enable advanced functionality in yoast, then just go to SEO -> xml sitemap and click the link.

why is display fixed not working on chrome mobile mode?

This seems to be a bug. It will work if you disable user scrolling of the viewport meta: and also add -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden; /*needed for chrome*/on the same element that has position:fixed.

Why does wordpress stick my stylesheets together?

It is done by a google tool callled “pagespeed”.

Why is there a white space at the top when there is the wp admin toolbar?

WordPress adds 32px top margin on the html element when the admin toolbar is supposed to show, and it puts the admin toolbar inside the body tag with position:absolute. So you should not put position:relative on the body tag or else it will break!

In wordpress templates, how can i have the same outer html but different inner html?

i’m not sure… its hard to find the answer.How can I make a 404 page for my wordpress site?Just make a file called 404.php. Either copy it from the 2017 theme or index.php of your current theme. Delete everything related to the wordpress loop and replace it with a simple error message.

what does height 100% in flex container mean?

It does NOT work as expected (it does NOT make the children take up the full height of the container, like it would for something statically positioned!)

Can I use negative padding?

No. It is not allowed in the specification, and the chrome developer tools will say “invalid property value” if you try to do it.

What does do?

It tells the browser what version of html the document is written in.If this line is omitted, the browser will render in “quirks mode”. If it is present, it will render in a standards-compliant mode. That’s why the html file will display differently depending on if this is present or not.

why does scrollbar disappear with negative right margin?

Not sure. If I added at the top of the file, it was fixed.

Why does wordpress show the index.php template instead of the 404 or a missing page?

You need to make a 404.php template. 404.php is higher in the template hierarchy than index.php. If index.php exists but 404.php does not, wordpress will actually use index.php.

What is dependency injection?

“It means that the dependencies a class has are not fetched by the class itself, but “injected” by a container when the instance is created.”

What is java EE?

Java EE is the java enterprise edition. It includes the standard edition but also includes more functionality for writing large-scale applications like “libraries for database access (JDBC, JPA), remote method invocation (RMI), messaging (JMS), web services, XML processing, and defines standard APIs for Enterprise JavaBeans, servlets, portlets, Java Server Pages, etc..”

How is dependency injection different from a factory pattern?

Honestly, it seems to not be that different.Dependency injection seems like an abstract factory + configurations for specifying which classes use different implementing classes of a particular interface. In dependency injection, the particular class that implements an interface is instantiated OUTSIDE of the the class that uses it and is passed down into the class through its constructor. Whereas in a factory method, this might be done by makig the class that uses it call the factory to get the class that implements the interface, although it is also true that this could have been done outside as well.I think you could definitely write factories in a way that it implements dependency injection in this way.

what is spring for java?

It is a “dependency injection” framework for java. In my understanding, what it accomplishes is similar to what a factory method together with a some sort of configuration file would do- it allows you to make a bunch of classes that implement an interface and tell the factory method to choose between them by writing a string in a configuration file at run-time rather than at build-time. Spring uses an xml file to specify “connections” between different classes. This is expalined here: also includes other functions like DB transactional control, MVC framework, and others.

How can I tell if my site has been indexed by google?

In google search, type “”

Can the same site be added to multiple google search console accounts?

Yes. You just have to verify ownership of the site for each of the accounts. It’s fine for a site to have multiple verification meta tags or HTML files; there should be one meta tag or file per account.!topic/webmasters/zxESSXABd3k;context-place=topicsearchin/webmasters/authorid$3AAPn2wQcE1yGILtkwUAWkXX0tKAw58K3PfDsbaEtwDxteBds5CAEvvZS6p7gyq1nVpKXFAmX-Eod5%7Csort:date%7Cspell:false

How can I make an xml site map of my site to submit to google?

You can use yoast plugin. Then you can submit the site through “Google Webmaster Tools.” You have to login and also verify that you own the site by copy-pasting an HTML tag that the Google Webmaster Tools gives you into the specified field in the yoast plugin.

How can I redirect a wordpress query to use a different template?

You can add your own custom variable to the query variable, and then redirect by using the template_redirect action hook by looking at the value of that custom variable.add_action(“template_redirect”,…);See here:

how to select the first item only in a list css?

ul > li:first-child

what does :after mean in css?

It is called a “pseudo element”. You can select a particular element and then add an element after it by using the content property:#myid:after { content: “!”;}

How do i truncate text-overflow with two lines?

The above solution only does it for one line.It is not easy. There is a clamp.js library.

How do i put ellipses on long text in css?

Put overflow: hidden, and text-overflow ellipses properties.

How to make the height of a div take up rest of parent?

Put the outer element as display: flex, flex-flow: column, and height: 100%, and specify the flex properties on the inner elements:

How many authoritative DNS servers are there for the .com domain?

What is the name of the most common software that implements DNS service?

Is it possible for someone to corrupt the cache on an ISP’s DNS server?

Why do the name server entries need to be domains instead of IPs?

Why does the zone file need to have the name servers written in it in NS entries since the zone file is alread on the name server itself?

The zone file may be served from a cached version on another server so it is useful to have the name servers included in the file (although I’m not sure exactly why).

How can I become my own domain registrar?

You need to become acredited with ICANN. See here: biggest hurdle is the $3,500 application fee and the $4,000 yearly fee plus a quarterly variable fee and transaction-based fee.You could also apply with ICANN to own a top level domain (gTLD) (become a “register”). There is a $185,000 application fee and a $6,250 quarterly fee plus a $0.25 transaction fee.It is not practical for individuals.

How does my router know my ISP’s DNS server?

The router gets the ISP’s DNS server from a DHCP server.You can type nslookup on windows to see the IP’s DNS server’s URL and IP.

Why is my DNS server IP set to my router IP?

The router acts as a DNS server with some caching. For new requests, it will use the ISP’s DNS server.

How can I use the whois command?

Why is .com the most popular domain name?

Not sure. It is older and relatively cheaper than many newer domains but there may be cheaper ones!

Why do different domain names cost different prices?

Different “registers” (each top level domain like .com is owned by a different wholeseller who charges different prices) charge different prices. “Registrars”, which are what individuals buy domain names through, buy domains from the wholesellers and add on a markup price. Prices that the wholeseller can charge for certain domains (.com, .net and .biz) are regulated by ICANN. example, here is an example of the cost breakdown of a $10 .com domain:ICANN: $0.18Verisign, Inc. — the .com registry: $7.853% credit card processing fee: $0.30Your registrar: $1.67 on the above numbers, $10 per year is probably about the lowest price to pay for a .com domain.

What is a name server?

It is a computer that converts the domain name to the IP address.If it is an authoritative server for a particular domain, it will reply with the IP address for domains under its control.Otherwise it will redirect to other name servers or return cached info.

What is a SOA record?

The Start of Authority, or SOA, record is a mandatory record in all zone files.It tells what domain name that the zone file that it’s in is responsible for.

What does it mean if there are multiple IPs for one A record?

The server will return the different IP addresses in order or all at once (depending on whether there is one A record with multiple IPs or multiple A records?) (it is called round-robin DNS, depending on which one). This is not really appropriate for my use-case (low volume wordpress site).

In AWS Route 53, what is a record set?

A record set is a file on a DNS server that tells IP addresses for different subdomains in a hosted zone. It is a list of records, and it includes at least one SOA record, at least two NS records, and probably A records and maybe C records. This is a term that is common to all DNS servers, not just Route 53.

In AWS Route 53, what is a hosted zone?

Hosted zone is something that is common to all DNS servers not just Route 53. It is a “domain”. A hosted zone contains a list of records that tell the DNS server what to return for queries for different subdomains/hosts within a particular domain. Hosted zones can be public or private.

Are there DNS services that are cheaper than AWS Route 53?

AWS Route 53 is 0.90 per month. (50 cents base + 40 cents for first billion queries) cloud platform has an authoritative DNS service for 0.60 per month (20 cents base + 40 cents for first billion queries) Azure has a DNS service for 0.90 per month (50 cents base + 40 cents for first billion queries) has 2.50 per month DNS service.

Where can I find a good DNS tutorial?

This one is good: by:

What is stopping me from making a DNS for someone else’s domain name?

The person who registered the domain name needs to also register the names of the nameservers for that domain name himself/herself. The whole process works like this:1. A random client makes a request for www.mydomain.com2. The request goes to the resolving name server owned by the ISP or google’s DNS.3. Since the resolving name server doesn’t know, the request goes up the chain to the root server.4. The root server doesn’t know IP for but it does know the name server for .com domain (which is called a TLD server), so it returns that.5. The resolving name server requests for to the name server for .com domain.6. The name server for the .com domain doesn’t know the IP for but it does know the name server for (because the person who bought the domain registered the name server) (which is called a domain-level name server), so it returns that.7. The resolving name server requests for to the name server for The name server for DOES know the IP for and returns it.8. The resolving name server returns the IP for to the client.

what is an NS record in DNS?

“These records indicate which name servers are authoritative for the zone / domain.”

if a cname points to an arecord, does the client need to do 2 dns lookups?

No. The server returns them together.

What is an A record and a CNAME record?

A records point to IP addresses.CNAME records redirect to other domain names.You can chain them together so that one domain name points to another domain name in a CNAME RECORD, and then that other domain name points to an IP in an A RECORD.

does it matter what country i buy my domain name in?

Not sure. Let me try it.

Can I host multiple wordpress instances on bitnami AWS?

I cannot find a clear answer. The closest I found is this: setting up DNS see here: is a good resource: describes how to: login to AWS with SSHMake a permanent IP address (amazon elastic IP) and associate it with your instance

How do you make a global variable in php?

Just define like normal outside of a function: $myvar = 1;But inside a function, you have to add this line at the top:global $myvar;or else it will think $myvar is a local variable that is undefined.

How do I display a different number of posts on first page in wordpress?

Use the posts_per_page and offset parameters in the wp_query together.See here:

Can i override a template file in a plugin using another plugin?

You can override a template file from a theme using a plugin(see here: can override a template file from a plugin using a child theme: think you can also override a template file from a plugin using another plugin.

what is html pre tag?

For printing “formatted text”.It will print in a fixed-width font and it will respect paces and linebreaks.Good for printig php output from echo or print_r.

How can I see all actions attached to a hook?

$hook_name = ‘admin_bar_menu’;global $wp_filter;var_dump( $wp_filter[$hook_name] );Or for all hooks;global $wp_filter;echo “

" . print_r($wp_filter, true) . "


How can I remove an action that was added to a hook by another plugin?

You need to call remove_action after the action was added to the hook but before it is executed.

What is the priority order in wordpress hooks?

Higher numbers get excecuted LATER not earlier.

how can i set a custom post type archive as front page?

Add a function to the pre_get_posts hook and overwrite post_type and other flags as shown here:Also delete the page_id field.

What is the wordpress query for show recent posts on the front page?

I printed the query and it seems that nothing is set except for the is_home => 1 flag.Everything else is empty.

What do m and p mean in the qordpress query vars?

p means use page id, m is month (show posts from a particular month).

Will google index my site with only an ip address?

Yes! It can do this

How can I make a post category archive be front page in wordpress?

It’s not easy. Options:1.Make front-page.php template redirect to a different php page you have made for the category templatelocate_template( ‘mytemplatename.php’, TRUE, TRUE );2. Filter the front page query to return only posts from a category. To do this, use the pre_get_posts($wp_query) hook.add_action( ‘pre_get_posts’, ‘wpse_74225_frontpage_categories’ );function wpse_74225_frontpage_categories( $query ) { if ( $query->is_main_query() && is_front_page() ) { $query->set( ‘category_name’, ‘image-gallery’ ); } return $query;}

How do you create a hook in a wordpress plugin? the hook using do_action() or apply_filters().Use the hook just lie normal using add_action() or add_filter().

How can I stop new menu for a custom post type from being created in the admin panel?

Yes. Set this argument: show_ui to false in the register_post_type function.

How can I specify a template to use for a custom post type?

You can use this hook:add_filter(‘single_template’, function($original_template) {return ‘templatename.php’} );You can return a string with a different template name.

Why is wordpress using index.php for my custom post type archive instead of archive.php or archive-myposttype.php?

This is not normal. In my case, it was plugin (tribe events plugin) that did it. Disabling the plugin stopped the problem.

How do you make a default category for a post?

Easy. In the admin panel, Settings > Writing > Default post category

How do you use different archive templates for different post types?

Create a dummy custom post category “new_posts”.Then create templates for it: single-new_posts.php (unneeded for me because I want it to link to the page) and archive-new_posts.php.

Is it possible to have different number of posts displayed on the first page only?

It is not easy. You need to add a filter to the pre_get_posts hook.There, you need to modify the posts per page property on wp query for the first page:$query->set(‘posts_per_page’, $offset + $posts_per_page);And for subsequent pages, you eed to modify both posts per page and offset property:$query->set(‘posts_per_page’,$posts_per_page);$query->set(‘offset’,$offset);

How do I include custom post types in the posts archive page?

You can use a custom wp_query and do $query->set(‘pot_type’, array(‘post’, ‘mycustomposttype’))Or you can add a filter to the pre_get_posts hook that modifies the wp query as above.

How do you check if a post is the last in the wordpress loop?

There are properties and counters in the $wp_querylike $wp_query->current_post, $wp_query->post_count, $wp_query->current_post, $wp_query->query_vars[posts_per_page] that you can use.Using have_posts() does not work because it “rewinds the query object” so if you call it twice within a loop it will produce an infinite loop.

How can I add a widget to my theme?

It’s called “widgetizing”., register a location for displaying widgets in functions.php using add_action(‘widgets_init’, …)Then, put the php code in your template files where you want that widget to be displayed.Or, you can do the same thing through a hook.

How can I make my theme display social icons?

How can I add social links to the site?

Modify your theme to support social links:Create a menu location in functions.php.Create a new menu and populate it with links to your social accounts.The site should automatically display the social icons (if theme supports it)It also seems like this functionality is available as a widget.

How do you remove background color?

background-color: initial;

How can I detect viewport size in php?

It is not easy. In PHP, you can detect the “user agent” in the HTTP request header, which will tell you the OS and browser. Based on this you can tell if its a laptop, tablet, or a mobile. But you can’t get the viewport size., you could send an HTTP that is a page with js that get the browser specs and does a redirect, then PHP can build the real page.Or, you could load through AJAX.

How do you change the size of rem?

Specify font-size property in css using the selector for “html”, not “body”.html { font-size: 15px;}

Why are AWS services poorly named?

Who knows. Here is a good explanation of what the services do and better names for them:

What is a bootstrap theme?

Is there a javascript library or css for material design?

There is the “design support library” from google for building android apps.”Material design lite” – js library and css on a cdn. is also “surface”: CSS only”Paper theme for bootstrap”, and “Material design for bootstrap”,

What is material design?

It is a “style” for displaying pages and apps that google uses. It considers everything on the page as being written on pieces of thin cardboard that are stacked on top of each other and has subtle shadows.

What is flat design?

It is a design style opposite of skeumorphic. It is not unique to google.Microsoft’s metro design (square-based tiles), Google’s material design (cards with shadows), and Apple’s ios7 lightweight transparent look are examples.

What is teamsite?

Its a CMS. It ued to belong to HP and was sold to OpenText. It seems enterprise-focused.It stores contents as files, not in a DB.

Why is the html entity displaying literaly?

Maybe you forgot the semicolon on the end.

How do you make bootstrap columns the same height?

Not easy. You can use javascript. There is a jquery library called “matchHeight.js”. Just select the class of the columns and call this function on them in jquery.

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