Website for Tateshina Moumou Cafe


Website for Joyjoy Village Marche event planning volunteer organization

Tribe Events Plugin Addon

A wordpress plugin for making tribe event calendar posts display ordered by date of post creation

Envira Gallery Plugin Add-on

An add-on for the Envira Galleries Wordpress plugin that enables archives and single post pages

WordPress Plugin for home template

A Wordpress plugin for specifying a different template to use on the second page and onward of home

WordPress plugin for single post nav links for custom post types

A Wordpress plugin that fixes nav links between single post pages for custom post types in the recent posts archive

WordPress Portfolio Plugin

A wordpress plugin for displaying an engineering portfolio site released on official wordpress.org

Qt flashcards

A flashcard application created in Qt

Qt Stopwatch

A stopwatch application created in Qt

Inkscape globe plugin

An Inkscape plugin for rendering globes with configurable tilt and rotation. Inkscape is an open source vector graphics editor.